Our farm is still in development so we do not have any meat, eggs or dairy.
We are showing livestock and  goods we plan to offer in the future.

Highland Cattle

We plan to raise highland cattle and provide more information about the advantages of diversifying beef with a hearty breed, specifically for the type of land our pastures will provide, on all sides of our natural year round spring water source.



Belted Galloway are another hearty  traditional Scottish beef cow from the Galloway breed that have been shown to  grow 30% faster when breed with highland cattle. They are adapted for the poor upland pastures and windswept moorlands of Scotland.   Our hillside with roughage is perfect for adding a hearty diverse beef crop to the local market.



Fresh Goat Cheese & Milk

You can make a ton of different cheeses, yogurt, butter, And…. delicious cheese cake! Plus, farmers use the milk to treat their livestock.  We fed Bruce goats milk as a baby, this will be way better than  the  canned version.



Eggs and Meat variety of chickens


Garden Veggies 

See you at  the Farmer’s Market


Who’s in the Rotation?


We are hoping to raise a few pigs, which may help us “fix” our ponds. They live in the empty pond for a season and push clay into the bed of the pond to seal it, to hold water, after they have completed their mission, I can add the fatty meat to venison and make sausage.

Giant Flemming/ New zealand Rabbit 

Mrs.  Cottontail is due January 9th.



Milkin’ Mamas


Nigerian Dwarf Goats

This is our main man, we named him

“Little Bill.” Handsome Ozark Hill Billy Bill






Katahadin Sheep

All those delicious recipes Augie made with lamb chops…yum I’m getting hungry.


Goats milk Soap, lotion, and Shampoo bars

They have a thriving Farmer’s  Market in our new home town of Marshall, Arkansas.